Mobile Barrier System that is effective and easy
Cart Package
Mobility, Versatility & Storage

Mobile Barrier System from Banner Stakes


Securing job site areas for safety risks or maintenance can be a hassle.  You need to be able to move the appropriate barriers quickly to your site and set them up with ease.  Our mobile barrier system is perfect for any job site and include:


  • A cart package can be used either indoors or outdoors and is easy to use.

  • 5 stakes and 5 bases fit on the cart

  • 5 retractable belts that each can stretch out 12 feet long

  • A system that can be customized to fit for what you need them for.


A mobile barrier system can work for you by keeping productivity and safety a top priority.

When you need a barrier system, you might have a hard time finding all the right equipment in the same place.  Maybe another employee forgot to replace a broken stake or misplaced the belt.  None of these issues will come up with the mobile cart system that we offer.  All the equipment fits on an easy to maneuver cart.  


Our stakes are adjustable up to 42 inches and can either be placed in the ground or on hard surfaces with the bases.  Each base can be filed with 22 lbs of water or 33 lbs of sand for stability.  Each banner head has stainless steel components that are weather resistant and provide up to 60 feet of coverage in any configuration.  The highly visible heads can also be customized to relay any message you need for your job site.


One example of how our mobile barrier systems can work for you is demonstrated by the Arc Flash Boundary Law.  An arc flash is a type of electrical explosion that results from a low-impedance link to the ground or another power point in an electrical system.  Although this hazard is a rare occurrence, it is extremely dangerous and the Arc Flash Boundary Law requires preventive steps to be taken.  With our cart system, you can have an area marked off and keep your workplace safe.


Call Banner Stakes today and get your mobile cart system heading your way.


We are the leader in portable safety barricades, used by a number of industrial, manufacturing and traffic control companies.  Call us toll free at 855.809.3800 or email our top employees with any question you may have.  Contact us and let us know how we can make your job safer.

"Our maintenance team finds the mobile cart set to be an effective way to quickly move the barricade system to where it is needed and when taken down the cart is perfect for storing all the barricade parts. The Banner Stakes message barricade system provides effective security and safety in areas of possible hazards for workers. Since our work is done on high-value materials it is important to keep everyone fully aware of the potential risks which Banner Stakes does."