Wall Mount

When you need a more permanent safety barrier system, our wall mount kits are perfect for hallways, aisles, bathrooms, and more.

  • Wall Mount Kit includes: Head Wall Mount, Wall Receiver, 6 Wood Screws, 6 Wall Anchors, and 4 Zip Ties
  • Holds 15’ Banner Head (Head Sold Separately)
  • Wall Mount is compatible with push pin lock for added security
  • Provides versatility, portability and convenience
  • Allows for easy warnings alleviating traffic in work areas
  • Ideal for blocking hallways, aisles, restrooms, corridors, and more
  • Designed to be surface mounted for use when floor space is limited
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use

Prepare your business for accident prevention and crowd management with a safety and hazard communication barrier system!

Here at Banner Stakes, we are providers of high quality reusable, portable barricade systems useful for both crowd management and effectively rerouting employees and customers from construction and other dangerous manufacturing areas. It is our intention to provide systems manufactured from only materials and parts of the best quality to guarantee that our products provide our clients with lasting satisfaction.

The systems we provide include:

Our wall mounts are designed especially to provide flexibility and freedom when you are setting up your barricade systems, allowing you to set them up in places that are difficult to reach with more traditional systems. As the most portable option, wall mounts offer both versatility and convenience when diverting traffic in construction and manufacturing areas, even areas with limited floor space such as hallways, aisles, and restrooms.

A safety and hazard communication barrier system offers you a quality solution for manufacturing and construction zones.

When you are looking for a way to manage crowds and reroute people away from construction areas, the best and most effect solution is a safety hazard communication barrier system. Barricade systems offer quick and easy solutions to managing crowd movement and alerting employees to dangerous areas. Additionally, our high quality and reliable systems are conveniently easy to set up as soon as a need arises and we offer a variety of systems which offer ideal solutions for even the most inconvenient of locations. Our wall mounts are especially useful for spaces with limited floor space. Our systems provide a useful alternative to the traditional rope and post systems with added portability for your convenience. Plus our highly visible systems are exceptionally helpful for effective traffic management and safety solutions for employees and customers.

Contact us today to find the ideal solution for your needs!

At Banner Stakes, we pride ourselves on providing effective and reusable products that are made from the best materials to provide lasting quality products. So whatever safety and hazard communication barrier system is the best solution for your business needs we have an exceptional solution that will provide you with innovative and adaptive systems that can be tailored for your purpose! Contact us today and we can guide you to the ideal solution for even the tightest and most difficult spaces!