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Product Specifications

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Use our mobile barrier system to improve workplace safety with ease!

Banner Stakes System

Our Safety Barrier System is has longer and wider belts then other companies and can be customized with colors, messages, logos, or even custom artwork.

  • Removable/interchangeable retractable banner heads
  • Belt extends 12 feet: longer than any other similar product
  • Belt is 2.5" wide: wider than any other similar product
  • Largest selection of in-stock messages for various applications
  • Only multi-surface stanchion: can be used in soft ground (dirt) or on hard surfaces (pavement)
  • Only stanchion with telescoping stake: extends 19" - 42"
  • Only stanchion with optional base. Base can be filled to 22lbs with water or 33lbs with sand
  • Opportunity to customize messages, colors and add company branding
  • Stanchions with retractable belts are the most effective form of crowd control when controlling queues and crowds
  • We offer a wide range of belt colors and messages
  • The retractable belts and posts can easily be customized with your message, logo, or custom artwork.
  • High quality plastic for durability, stability and image enhancement
  • Plastic bases are lightweight yet they can be filled with sand or water for stability

 Here at Banner Stakes, we understand the importance of workplace safety and have kept it in mind with the design of our standard line! Our standard line includes:

  • The Banner Stakes System – These stakes can be personalized for your business with interchangeable retractable banner heads. The lightweight bases can be filled with water or sand to ensure stability!
  • The Utility Bag – Excellent for grab-and-go uses. When you have to run to take care of a problem, you can just grab this bag which carries up to 10 stakes and banner heads!
  • Wall Mount Kit – This kit gives you the option of attaching directly to walls instead of attaching to a stake. It is a cost effective method and an excellent solution for tight spaces where floor space is difficult to come by!
  • The Cart Package – This easy to use, mobile cart gives you quick access to 5 stakes, 5 bases, and 5 retractable belts!

With these exceptional products, you can have a barrier set up in a matter of minutes that will ensure the safety of your employees and customers!

Why you should use our mobile barrier system

 These safety communication systems are quick to setup and easy to transport. With ease, you can set up a barricade to alert employees or customers to possible dangers. There is nothing more important than workplace safety which is why we have designed our standard line for reliability and durability. It is of the utmost importance to protect your employees from potential hazards and yourself from potential lawsuits. When you invest in one of our systems you are investing in the safety of your employees and the future of your company! 

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 Here at Banner Stakes we are committed to providing you with a product you can rely on. We have designed our standard line with easy use and durability in mind! When you are looking for an excellent product that won’t break the bank check out our standard line. Contact us today for more product details!

“With the changes in electrical safety requirements we love this product because of its quick deployment and clean up. No longer are we wasting time on danger tape!”
— Schneider Electric