Retractable Belt Barriers

Safety & Hazard Retractable Belt Barriers From Banner Stakes

Retractable Belt Barriers From Banner Stakes

The most cost-effective workplace safety aid you’ll ever buy.

Retractable Belt Barriers are something you see everywhere you go – from banks to furniture stores to factories.

Most of these barriers are just guides to maintain an orderly flow, such as poles with banners connected together in a bank. Other barriers warn people to stay out of potentially dangerous situations, such as road cones at a construction site.

When it comes to workplace safety, retractable belt barriers are a much more serious matter. They are not just suggestions; barriers are there to save your life.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) defines “barricade” as “an obstruction to deter the passage of persons or vehicles.”

Exposed wires, moving machinery and high temperature valves are just a few of the potential dangers requiring barricades.

Many people do not even recognize the danger behind the retractable belt barrier. Best visual communication possible should be your goal with these barriers – be sure to include signs, warning lights and instructions if something should go wrong.

Regulatory bodies such as OSHA, ANSI and various levels of government have rules for some of these situations that require barriers (especially anything traffic-related), but not all. Common sense and workplace experience will have to drive most of your barrier best practices.

Barrier tape colors speak louder than words

OSHA regulations specify color coding of retractable belt barriers, but that is as far as they go.

Retractable Belt Barrier tape colors, as decreed by OSHA, are as follows:

  • Red / black for Danger Protection
  • Orange / black for Traffic
  • Yellow / black for Caution Warning

While the colors have been chosen for you, the wording on your barricade tape has not. Hundreds of versions of barricade tape messages have been produced in dozens of languages. You can even buy barricade tape without wording or markings at all. (Special orders of retractable belt barriers are no problem, but like anything, you’ll need to order a certain volume to bring the cost down.)

Whether reflective or normal, fluorescent or plain, retractable belt barriers are likely the most cost effective safety aid you will ever buy.

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