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The Importance of a Safety Plan When Applying Crowd Control Measures

When planning an event that will have a crowd that requires some sort of crowd control barriers, a safety plan has to be in place. This plan covers all of the aspects of the event and aims to keep all patrons, staff, and entertainment people safe. This plan is extremely important and is a required part of managing an event in many jurisdictions.

Creating the Plan

When creating the safety plan, event planners have to consider all of the options available for controlling the crowd, and all of the possible things that could go wrong. The methods for crowd control depend on the layout of the venue and what type of event it is. This plan will cover everything, from the parking, entrances, exits, staff, security, possible emergencies, and procedures for any equipment used at the event. This plan can take months to create, but it is well worth the effort.

Exits and Entrances

The exits and entrances are one of the most important aspects of an event. This one area can cause or prevent many different safety disasters. In the plan, staff members have to decide how to control each entrance and exit. Outdoor control at the exits usually includes barriers and stanchions. Indoor control usually consists of security personnel.

Room or Building Capacity

When creating the plan, the room and building capacity is very important. This number must be worked into the plan. Violating this number risks a fine or a possibly dangerous situation if a fire or other problem happens. When event planners encounter a building capacity, they usually deal with it by posting security at the door who count heads, and then close the venue when the limit is reached. After patrons leave, the venue would allow more in, effectively controlling the crowd and the safety of those inside.


Depending on what the entertainment entails, this could create a headache for event planners. If the event includes pyrotechnics, this could cause a safety issue. The plan’s goal is to eliminate or solve as many safety issues as possible; therefore, planners have to create procedures to deal with potential problems and emergencies. This includes evacuation procedures and measures such as fire control.

Security and Safety

In the plan, there must be a detailed section about training security staff. This should go over all the procedures that have to be followed. This is one of the most important security considerations. If the staff is not trained, they cannot direct patrons or deal with an active emergency. This puts everyone at risk. Crowd control plans keep everyone attending an event safe and creates procedures designed to deal with emergencies. In this plan, the event staff goes over all risks, and designs strategies to eliminate the risk, or designs ways to deal with the risks. This plan devises the possible methods of crowd control devices that the event staff can use to keep the crowd under control or keep them from harm. Each aspect of the event is covered in the plan, as are any dangers that each aspect causes. source: “The Importance of a Safety Plan When Applying Crowd Control Measures.” The Crowd Controller, Sept. 17, 2004 Web. November 7th, 2017. Visit our blog page often to read the latest information from our product lines.

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