Safety Awareness

How Safety Awareness Can Improve the Workplace Atmosphere

Safety Awareness. Although not specifically listed as an attribute of an excellent workplace, a great workplace is also a safe workplace. A company that values trust and fairness is one that has their employees’ best interest in mind. They will do all they can to ensure the enforcement of both safety measures and practices. Your workplace’s relationship with Banner Stakes is a huge help in developing workplace safety. But how exactly does safety correlate to better workplace atmosphere? Here are a few interesting facts we found:

Safety Awareness – A Healthy Workplace is one that Values Safety

All employees are entitled to a safe workplace under federal laws. However, maintaining a safe workplace is more than following the law. As the Maine Department of Labor echoes, “Safety pays for everyone.” This is because work-related injuries or illnesses not only causes pain and suffering, but also may lead to loss of income and sometimes job or career. According to the Maine Department of Labor, injured workers “may also suffer from low self-esteem, loss of independence, mental health problems, other medical problems, and damaged relationships.” On the contrary, a workplace using Banner Stakes products to promote a lower injury rate has naturally more healthy employees. Workers thrive in safe work environments because they are confident their employers treat them as “people”, not “money-making machines”.

A Safe Work Environment Produces Happy Employees

When employers put safety first, they are effectively eliminating accidents and helping employees to perform their jobs without fear or anxiety. This allows workers to enter their workplace with a positive attitude, knowing that they will be safe from harm. Happy workers are also productive workers. According to Diane Lang, psychotherapist, author and positive living speaker, “Happiness increases our levels of dopamine, which produces our learning abilities. It helps us learn better and more efficiently.” Mobile safety barriers from Banner Stakes can help immensely with the overall safety of your workplace.

Safety Cultivates Trust

In addition to producing happy and confident workers who are motivated to excel, raising safety awareness in your workplace also promotes a trusting work atmosphere. Diligently maintaining safe workplaces, employees see that you are a safety “doer”. Consistently aligning your words with your actions reinforces the employer-employee relationships. “Workplaces with active safety and health leadership have fewer injuries, are often rated ‘better places to work,’ and have more satisfied, more productive employees”. Even when injuries or illness inevitably take place, affected employees are said to return to work more quickly. They also continue to produce higher-quality products and services.

Safety First and the Rest Will Follow

Safety is an invaluable asset especially when it comes to encouraging a friendly and productive work atmosphere. So keep your workers safe with appropriate safety rules, equipment and products from Banner Stakes, and trainings. Your workers will not only be happier, but also more motivated about advancing your business goals.

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