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Landscape/Lighting Exterior Maintenance Fact Sheet

Its Springtime! The Perfect Time for Landscape/Lighting Exterior Maintenance!

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This Fact Sheet can help!


Landscape/Lighting Exterior Maintenance

Landscaping and lighting can add beauty and value to public property. More importantly from a safety viewpoint, if landscaping and lighting are used properly, they can add security for both the property and the people who work in the building. When improperly used, landscaping and lighting can create a safety hazard.


Landscaping can create a number of safety-related problems if not properly installed and maintained.

Trees and Bushes

Branches near a building must be kept trimmed and the ground under these trees and bushes kept clean.

Overgrown bushes can damage the exterior structure of a building, provide breeding places for unwanted pests such as rats and insects, and provide hiding places for people who would break into the facility or harm the people working in the building.

Trees must be professionally maintained. Trees that get out of control can cause a hazard in high winds. The roots of trees can cause a great deal of damage to structures, roads and walkways. Additionally, falling limbs and debris can be hazardous to people, and to vehicles.


Leaves from trees must be removed from walkways and steps to prevent slipping hazards.

Watering Systems

Watering systems for landscaping must be maintained properly. A broken water system can cause flooding and damage to structures in the area.

Exterior Lighting

Lighting can be both decorative and functional. The proper use of lighting can create a safer place to work. Some essentials of good lighting include:

  • Insure that all steps and walkways are well lighted. This light should come from more than one direction to prevent shadows. A set of steps that is not properly lighted can be very dangerous. Walkway should be well lighted not only to prevent slipping but also to provide safety to anyone using the walkway after dark. Attacks on people can be reduced with good lighting.
  • Parking lots and parking areas must be well lighted. This provides safety for personnel going to and coming from automobiles
  • Control lighting by a light-sensitive switch to save money and insure that the lighting is on when needed.
  • Lighting must be properly installed and maintained. As the lighting circuits are outdoors and exposed to weather, cabling and connections designed for exterior use must be installed. “Ground fault” switches should be used, and all switches, connections and fixtures should be checked on a regular basis to verify they are in good repair.


Landscaping and exterior lighting are an important part of the beauty and functionality of a building. Both require regular and careful maintenance to maintain safety and security of the employees. Trees and bushes must be kept trimmed. Leaves must be removed. Lighting systems must be maintained.


Landscaping and Exterior Lighting Checklist

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