Hazards: Identifying Common Workplace Hazards


Each workplace has their share of hazards. As an employer you have a responsibility to your workers to provide a safe and healthy work environment. Be sure to stay on top of your workplace conditions to avoid injuries, accidents and possible death or dismemberment! Banner Stakes Safety and Hazard Communication Barriers can help! Identifying the most common hazards is the first step.

Workplace Hazards

There are 4 main categories of workplace hazards. Ergonomic hazards are physical factors that will leads to muscular-skeletal injury, such as repetitive movements or manual handling of objects with poor bodily posture. Physical hazards are the most common type of workplace hazard. Physical hazards include but are not limited to slips, falls, trips, noise, and vibrations. Chemical hazards consist of any hazardous substance that can harm to a person or animal. And finally Biological hazards that can cause negative health effects, such as Hepatitis, Legionnaire’s disease HIV/AIDS, etc.

Common Health Risks

Some common health risks associated with workplace hazards include the following:

  • reduced well-being
  • damage to muscle, bones and joints
  • hearing damage
  • skin irritation
  • breathing problems

Workplace Hazard Prevention

Taking steps to identify and protect your employees against workplace hazards is an employers responsibility. Taking reasonable steps to prevent potential workplace hazard harm in order to control workplace hazards and eliminate or reduce the risks, you should take the following steps:

  1. Identify hazards by carrying out a workplace risk assessment.
  2. Determine how employees might be at risk for potential injury or harm.
  3. Evaluate the risks you find.
  4. Record and review workplace hazards at least annually, or earlier if something changes.

Banner Stakes Safety and Hazard Communication Barriers

Safety and Hazard Communication Barriers will limit confusion and increase productivity and safety at your job site. Banner Stakes is an effective, reusable and portable barricade system that provides unique safety benefits. The Banner Stakes system sections off areas to reduce liability and convey warnings which eliminate confusion, increase productivity, and enhance safety. Banner Stakes is the industry standard for quality and dependability. A must-have for any work place where safety, savings, and the environment are a concern. Banner Stakes is the leader in portable safety barricades for any industry including Automotive, Aviation, Industrial, Manufacturing, Hospitality & Gaming, Janitorial & Sanitation, MRO, Construction, Healthcare, Crowd Control, Safety, Equipment Maintenance, Warehousing, and Traffic Control.

Reference: https://fitforwork.org

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