Magnetic Wall Mount Barrier With Light Kit Specifications

• Kit is compatible with 30’ and 7’ Magnetic Wall Mount Barriers
• Attaches to the top of the Magnetic Barrier to increase visibility of safety

hazard tape

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Part Numbers:

MH5001L, MH5002L, MH5003L, MH5004L, MH5005L, MH5006L, MH5007L, MH5008L, MH5009L, MH5010L, MH5011L, MH5013L, MH7001L, MH7002L, MH7003L, MH7013L. MH7004L, MH7005L, MH7006L, MH7011L, MH7007L, MH7008L, MH7009L, MH7010L,