• Banner Heads sold in single units and in 5 packs
      • Banner Head is made of rust-proof plastic with SS components
      • Retractable belt extends to 15 feet and is made of 2.5” wide heavy-duty woven polyester fabric that won’t fray or pucker
      • PLUS Banner Heads are available in Yellow, Orange, Red, Black
      • PLUS Banner Heads secure onto PLUS Stanchion with push-pin lock system for added stability and security
      • Over 20 safety-related messages featured in bold black lettering
      • High visibility under all weather conditions
      • Banner Head includes 3 receiver slots that allow for gridding and delineation of work area in any configuration
      • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use
      • Custom belt colors and messages available

Portable Barrier Components



Portable Barrier ComponentsSTANCHION

  • PLUS Stanchions sold in single units and in 5 packs
  • Item is available in Yellow, Orange, Red, and Black
  • Stanchion is made of rust-proof plastic and has twist-off removable spike for dual purpose use – in soft ground surfaces with spike or in Base by removing spike
  • Stanchion includes built-in dual spike and footpad for easy soft ground insertion
  • Stanchion has telescoping stake that extends up to 42”
  • Pack of 5 stanchions includes 1 spike bag for convenient storage when spikes are not being used


  • PLUS Bases are sold in single units and in 5-packs
  • PLUS Base is made of Rust-Proof Plastic
  • Low-profile Black Base for enhanced image
  • Base can be filled up to 18lbs with water or 25lbs with sand
  • Base includes carry handle for easy portability
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use
  • Rust Proof

Portable Barrier Components


  • Ideal for carrying barrier system components to and from the job-site
  • Holds 10 PLUS Stanchions and 10 PLUS Banner Heads (Stanchions and Banner Heads sold separately)
  • Durable, water and soil-resistant heavy canvas material
  • Interior zipper pocket to secure Banner Heads
  • Framed ends maintain bag’s shape

Portable Barrier Components

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